Company Blue Berry LLC is engaged in growing and supplying berries of blueberry. Our main goal is the high quality product, so our fields are located in ecologically clean areas of the Transcarpathian region. In the process of cultivation, modern technologies and advanced research are used to grow this useful, tasty and valuable berry.


If we know our mission and follow it, our life has a meaning. And we are healthy, rich and happy. Because the world always supports and gives resources to those who feel, hear, know their true path and follow it without doubt.


  Our mission is to grow and deliver blueberries, such a tasty and healthy berries, to everyone!


100th Anniversary of Blueberry

From July 2015 to June 2016, blueberry producers and millions of its customers celebrate the 100th anniversary of this berry.

The cultivation of blueberries began in the twentieth century. In 1906, the American botanist Frederick Vernon Covill, with the active participation of Elizabeth White, who provided her farm in New Jersey and material assistance for working with blueberries, began experiments on the cultivation of this berry.

The first blueberry seedlings were collected in pine forests and swamps of New Jersey and transplanted to blueberrie plantations. Through trials and errors, Federic Covill and Elizabeth White learned to care for blueberry bushes. After a while they received the first fruits and, accordingly, the reward for their hard work. They believed it, tried it - and they did it!

Today blueberries are grown in more than 50 countries. Lovers of this berry can enjoy its taste all over the world. The passion for growing blueberries is common for all farmers and entrepreneurs: from using more "traditional" systems of its cultivation in countries such as the US and China, to adapting to places where 15 years ago no one thought about the possibility of growing this berry , as in Peru, Kenya and Mexico.

Over the past decades, the development of the world's blueberrie growing industry is gaining momentum. Trends in development are determined by the introduction of new modern technologies that improve the quality of products, and the business component is also developing: berries varieties are being improved, and more adapted terrain for planting a new blueberry crop is being introduced.

More and more people want to enjoy blueberries, and this is already beyond the borders and cultures. 100 years ago, blueberries began their journey as a commercial culture. In the next 100 years the goal is to make blueberries more accessible, useful and tasty.



Happy Birthday, BLUEBERRY!!!



 LLC Blue Berry is in the ranks of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry has for many years been a platform for communication and cooperation between representatives of business, government, science, investors and other participants in the business life of the country.


On the September 5th, 2017 at a meeting of the Presidium of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 20 new members were formally accepted, among them "Blue Berry" LLC.


Being a member of such a status association is always prestigious, honorable, and most importantly, useful for cooperation. We are proud of our work!


Article Source: Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry


BlueBerry makes everyday moments a little sunny :)




The Berry of XXI Century


Blueberries can be rightly called the berry of the 21st century. This supergist has healing properties because of the rich level of vitamins, antioxidants and blue dye in the composition. Our goal is to deliver these superberries to the table of each Ukrainian family, so that you and your children enjoy the best taste and quality of berries, over which the team of professional works.


Blueberrie known in the trade under the name "American Berry", brought from North America. It became a cultural plant only in the 30s of the last century.

Blueberrie berries are very tasty and have high nutritional value. In addition, like all low-calorie fruit, they are a very valuable dietary product. Compared to blueberry berries, blueberry fruits contain twice as much sugar, but slightly less than mineral salts and vitamin C. The content of phenolic compounds and traces of catechins has also been studied. Derivatives of hydroxycinnamic acid, such as caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid, are found at a higher concentration.




MORE INFORMATION: Our berries - Blueberry







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